Voice Actor Mark Hauser Professional Interview

Mark Hauser is an entrepreneur and actor. He began his acting career in the ’90s and is still going strong today. His work ethic is an inspiration to other entrepreneurs.

Mark Hauser was born in Michigan but currently resides in Montreal, Canada. He became interested in acting after watching other actors. Mark wanted the opportunity to play characters that captivate the audience. His work includes voice-over acting and on-screen acting.

Mark Hauser takes his acting career seriously. His days usually involve acting projects. When he is not working on a project, he spends his time researching the roles he plays. He studies the character and even shadows someone similar to the character he is playing. He wants his character to be as believable to the audience as possible.

Entrepreneurs need to remain productive throughout the day. Mark uses a to-do list to help him meet daily goals. He writes down 3 to 5 things he wants to accomplish every night. He also uses a software app with a timer to help him focus when he is working on a task.

One of Mark’s tips as an entrepreneur is to always look for opportunities. He networks with people that are currently involved in his career industry. He also pays attention to up-and-coming businesses that may need advertisements in the future and can hire him for voice-over or screen acting.

Many people can learn from Mark Hauser. He made his dream a reality through hard work and dedication. He looks for opportunities to continue to learn and grow in his chosen career field.

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