Tips For Leadership From Vijay Eswaran

Gender inequality has consistently been an issue that has affected many societies . The statistics prove that gender inequality in the workplace and business market is still a great problem that has not been solved. Vijay Eswaran a Malaysian businessman responsible for the QI group believes that women empowerment is a valuable asset that needs to be explored and invested in. He noticed three main challenges as he sought to define a solution for this inequality.

Gender Inequality is a Bottom-line Issue

Vijay Eswaran believes that it is of utmost importance and in their greatest benefit for economies to work on women empowerment. He believes that lack of it leaves economies worse off due to inability to maximize use of resources provided by women. He statistically proved that equalizing employment will increase the GDP value of the global economy to a value that is equal to the GDPS of the US and China. According to research, companies that chose to hire women as leaders were better off performance wise than those which did not. He advised that futuristic companies should incorporate women employment as part of their growth strategy.

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Women Empowerment being Women’s Problem

Vijay notes that women empowerment has seemed to be a women’s issue since all efforts to bridge the gap are arising mostly from women. It seems that men do not understand the importance of bridging the gender inequality gap. Less understanding means that there will be less progress made from their side. This he exemplified by the suffragette movement which was mostly led by women.

Championing for Women Entrepreneurship More than Employment

Vijay Eswaran saw that most societies campaigned for the increase of women employment opportunities in male dominated companies. While this move was good, he cited that it did not look out for women entrepreneurs. Based on statistics the number of men entrepreneurs is twice that of women. He emphasized on women being equally talented and able to manage their businesses more efficiently. He encouraged more investment and funding to go towards women empowerment.