Tim Murawski: Xvisionary?

Tim Murawski, president and chief commercial officer of Augmedics has a long history of shaking things up in the medical technology industry. The Western Illinois University graduate has played numerous key leadership roles in the sales departments of medical tech companies including Baxter International, Intuitive Surgical and Mazor Robotics. Tim Murawski was instrumental in the growth of Mazor to $1.6 Billion before its acquisition by Medtronix. Mr. Murawski has seen clearly the immense value of innovative medical products like the needleless IV devices developed by Baxter.


These devices are vital in treating HIV and AIDS patients to avoid accidental needle sticks. This eye for innovation and the appreciation for human life has led Tim Murawski to Augmedics today. The Xvision Spine System (XVS) allows surgeons to see visually, in 3D, the spine of a patient as if they had X-Ray vision. This groundbreaking product by Augmedics allows the surgeon to visualize the spine in 3D while still looking directly at the patient rather than at a screen. 


Needless to say this is an enormous advantage in risky surgeries where concentration is paramount. This is where Tim Murawski shines. The eye for innovation and medical talent that he possesses and his skill in not only introducing disruptive technologies into the industry, but in creating entirely new markets, sets him apart as a visionary in medical technology sales and marketing. Just like the xvision system, Tim sees medical potential in three dimensions and has the acumen to take those innovations to new heights.


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