The Major Contributions of Alejandro Betancourt to Hawkers Company

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez serves as the president of one of Spain’s largest sunglasses companies. The company known as Hawkers was recognized among the top 10 startup companies in 2018 when Alejandro Betancourt Lopez increased his investment in Hawkers by $21.7 million. It made him become the biggest shareholder.

Hawkers were not doing well at its initial stage as it faced some financial difficulties. Initially, the sunglasses were being manufactured in a factory that Luxottica owned, and the company lacked transparency due to back-ordering and customer service policies. The founders of Hawkers, namely Lozano, Soriano, and the two Moreno brothers, were fortunate to get investment funding at the right time and asked Alejandro Betancourt Lopez to be the president.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez later brought in Nacho Puig, an expert in branding and strategic planning to be the C.E.O overseeing the firm’s operation. Betancourt worked together with the others in revamping the business marketing strategy. Hawkers targeted students who had a passion for the Hawkers brand, the sunglasses. They enticed them with plain tickets, concerts, and festival tickets instead of cash, which is different from other influencers paid by sponsoring companies and more

The company focused on influencers with a big social media following of more than 1000 people. It gave them free sunglasses and a promo code for that person’s followers, which enabled discounts and some other rewards. The influencers help in providing feedback to the company. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez said that he likes speaking to people and inquiring about their experiences, making him rethink, ask again, and revise the strategy many times. Singer Usher, model Paula Echevarria, auto racer Felipe Massa, and sports stars Dani Alves are some of the celebrities seen wearing Hawkers. Betancourt bases Hawkers’ success on being persistent and resilient.