Krishen Iyer Building a Career in Technology: A Perspective of the Past, Present, and Future

If you are looking for a career in technology, then Krishen Iyer is someone you should get to know. He has made many contributions to the industry and has been involved with some of the most successful companies in Silicon Valley. In this article, we will take a look at Krishen Iyer and his past, present, and future. We hope that reading this post will give you more insight into what it takes to succeed in tech! Krishen Iyer is an entrepreneur and investor. He was born in India but moved to the United States when he was young.


In the US, he went on to complete his education at UC Berkeley before moving into technology full time. He has experience with both large companies like Google and smaller startups that have since grown exponentially, such as Square and Twitter. Krishen Iyer has also been an active investor in many countries and companies, including Japan and India. Krishen is currently the Managing Director of Gobi Partners, which he helped to found with his partner Suvir Sujan after they both left Google. 


This venture capital firm focuses on mobile internet investments such as messaging apps like Line (Japan), eCommerce apps like Flipkart (India), and digital financial services providers. He has won many awards, including being listed as the most connected man in Silicon Valley by Forbes Magazine. Krishen Iyer was also named one of the top 50 venture capitalists to watch. He is a widely respected individual who continues to use his expertise for the betterment of the industry and to help others achieve their goals.


Krishen has been involved in some very successful startups, but he continues to be an active participant in many other companies. His current investments include (Krisheniyer):


Robin (a scheduling app).

Convo (an enterprise collaboration platform).

Edo Interactive Solutions (which focuses on digital marketing solutions).