Jake Medell and Freightwaves Post

Jake is a professional with immense experience in both consumer and enterprise investments. Plus, he is also the head of 8VCs transportation and logistics operations. Before launching 8VC, Jake was the head of various other organizations. He is also the developer of Karios society, where he is at the top of the board of directors. Plus, he has also been active during the Covid 19 pandemic after unveiling various activities to help the needy.

Jake Medell has a degree from the University of California, where he graduated in 2011. The immense experience he has garnered through the years makes him an expert in his field of work. He is also famous for curating various posts on his area of expertise and is nowadays considered a source of authoritative information.

Freightwaves is a company that provides supply chain companies with information relating to the global freight market. The company started in 2011, and the founder goes by the name Craig Fuller.

The company is also responsible for the famous product referred to as SONAR. It’s a product that many companies worldwide use for logistics applications, and it comes with daily updates. It’s also available at reasonable prices, and FreightWaves keeps on improving its services regularly.

The company also uses an informational service that works with advertising support media businesses. The company has over 50 employees and is popular in the online media business. The other assets the company holds include American Shipper and Modern Shipper. These are both companies that specialize in the provides information for supply chain companies.

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