How Haroldo Jacobovicz’s Passion Helped Him Acquire Great Success

Haroldo Jacobovicz is an entrepreneur who has achieved a lot in the business industry. He was born and raised in Brazil. Later in his life, he ventured into the business industry. He currently owns several companies globally. Some operate in Curitiba and other areas in Brazil. Among those located in Brazil include Horizon that has registered significant success since it was founded about a decade ago.

Haroldo’s effort in investing in advanced equipment and the modern network has contributed a lot to its success. Today, the firm is among the most successful firms in Brazil. After enjoying several years of great success, Haroldo decided to establish another firm in 2020. Haroldo decided to follow in his parents’ footsteps when choosing his career.

His parents worked as civil engineers, but his father was also a lecturer in a certain university. He admired their work a lot, so he decided to take a course in engineering when he joined college. Nevertheless, acquiring a degree in civil engineering, he noticed he was more into computer technology, so he decided to return to the university to study computer science.

Unfortunately, Haroldo Jacobovicz had no information about the course, so he decided to research to understand more about it. Luckily, he acquired the required information. After finishing his studies, Haroldo Jacobovicz came up with the idea of establishing a firm. Since three of his comrades had more information about the industry, he convinced them to start a firm together.

After establishing it, it only operated for a short period; thus, they closed it down after encountering several hardships. Since Haroldo had a great passion for IT and knew it would pay off one day, he did not give up. Instead, he opted to discover why their business failed.

Soon he realized where the problem was. Therefore, he decided to establish another firm, this time fixing the mistakes they made previously. That was the best decision he made because, after a short time, his business grew into a big company, thus enjoying great success in Curitiba and other major towns.