Cisco Systems Awards Andrew Frame With A CCIE Dual Certification

In 2017, Andrew Frame launched a new app called the Citizen App. This app was the first to combine people’s location information with the intelligence of 911 to be able to keep people safe. Andrew wanted to start a new business, and he needed to do something that could be scaled globally, with consumers and with a mission-oriented company.

While doing his research, he realized the whole world lacked something. The world lacked a free app that could keep people safe through the use of technology. He decided to come up with the Citizen app for people’s safety through the use of technology.

Andrew Frame during his early career, Andrew Frame worked most in the network infrastructure. In 1997, while Andrew Frame when he was only 17 years old, he decided to work with the Cisco Systems as their support engineer. Later, the Global Center Expertise team recruited him to work on routing architecture. His first year at Cisco Systems was fruitful, and he was awarded a CCIE Dual Certification.

This certificate was for top technical. He became the first youngest person in Cisco Systems to be awarded with that certificate. Andrew Frame spends most of the time he spends in Los Angeles, where he was born, and in New York, where the Citizen headquarters are.

Being a software expert in programming, has many innovative ideas to bring to life, but if he tries to implement all of them, he will end up doing nothing. Together with his team, they came up with all the ideas and strategies for what they wanted to build, why they should build it, and how it would be able to fit into their vision. If the idea couldn’t fit into their vision, then they would implement it. Andrew Frame said that his team at Citizen has been an amazing team that he loves working with, full of thoughtful and highly skilled individuals. Go to this page for more information.


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