Vijay Eswaran’s Business Insights

Vijay Eswaran is a well-known entrepreneur and philanthropist. He has been recognized in many publications for his achievements in business, education, and social entrepreneurship. His thoughts on the future of work have been featured in Harvard Business Review, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine, Wired Magazine and more. We will provide you with insights from Mr Eswaran that will […]

 Tips For Leadership From Vijay Eswaran

Gender inequality has consistently been an issue that has affected many societies . The statistics prove that gender inequality in the workplace and business market is still a great problem that has not been solved. Vijay Eswaran a Malaysian businessman responsible for the QI group believes that women empowerment is a valuable asset that needs to be explored and invested […]

Jake Medell and Freightwaves Post

Jake is a professional with immense experience in both consumer and enterprise investments. Plus, he is also the head of 8VCs transportation and logistics operations. Before launching 8VC, Jake was the head of various other organizations. He is also the developer of Karios society, where he is at the top of the board of directors. Plus, he has also been […]