The Major Contributions of Alejandro Betancourt to Hawkers Company

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez serves as the president of one of Spain’s largest sunglasses companies. The company known as Hawkers was recognized among the top 10 startup companies in 2018 when Alejandro Betancourt Lopez increased his investment in Hawkers by $21.7 million. It made him become the biggest shareholder. Hawkers were not doing well at its initial stage as it faced […]

Learn about Alejandro Betancourt

People view sunglasses differently. To some, it’s a way of matching their outfit, while to others, it’s a way of protecting their eyes from sunlight. For different reasons, sunglasses companies always have ways to attract their customers. The Hawkers sunglass company is famous for its iconic and thoughtful designs. Recently they were voted as one of the best sunglasses brands […]

How Kfir Gavrieli Became A Community Hero

2020 was a tough year for everyone in the global community. The COVID-19 pandemic caused panic and a very rough season for people and businesses. Many people lost their lives and businesses were closed. Numerous professionals were lost without a livelihood. Due to the restrictions introduced by the governments, it was difficult for some people to get the items they […]

Bhanu Choudhrie Airline Development

Business dynamics keep changing. With the pandemic, many sectors had to strategize and come up with ways of coping. The different business units that Bhanu Choudhrie have felt the adverse effects of the pandemic and has come up with coping mechanisms. The aviation sector and hotel industry have been hit hard, seeing that their consumer-centric and depend largely on individuals. […]

How to Live a Gratitude-Filled Life: The Story of Sudhir Choudhrie

Choudhrie’s story is a testament to the power of gratitude. He has been able to overcome his health challenges and continue to live a whole life because he has seen the good in others. Sudhir Choudhrie believes that awareness campaigns are vital to increasing people’s understanding of organ donation and its importance for society. These campaigns can also serve as […]

Jason Hughes: The Owner, CEO, and Chairman of Hughes Marino, LLC

Jason Hughes is a prominent San Diego-based reality expert with over 30 years of experience serving different clients. He undertook his undergraduate degree in Business Administration at Pepperdine University. Then proceeded to San Diego University, where Jason Hughes obtained a Master’s degree in Business Administration. Jason has undertaken additional courses at other reputable learning institutions, including Anderson School of Business, […]

Robert Kraft: How Gillette Stadium Has Invested Heavily In Structural And Physical Security

Stadium security stands out as one of the important trends that stadium management bodies need to ensure they are aggressively incorporating in their operations. There are multiple threats that face people inside the stadium, which must be addressed for everyone in the stadium to feel safe. It has already been noted that some stadiums have missed some essential aspects that […]

Captivating Advice From Pam Baer

Pam Baer is the creator of the “Manifesting Miracles” Facebook group, which counts over 121,000 members. She is also known for hosting retreats in exotic places like Bali and Costa Rica. Pam Baer is an expert on manifesting miracles through living one’s passion, or as she calls it, ‘being the solution’. Her life purpose is to inspire others to fight […]