Betsy Devos Believes in Something

Betsy Devos served for a time as the Secretary of Education during the Trump administration. She drew both praise and criticism for her actions and beliefs while serving in this role, but that is nothing new to her.


She, and her husband Dick, have been getting attention and critiques for their political donations for many years. However, the money they have spent on political donations pale in comparison to their charitable contributions. They can afford it, since Dick Devos is one of the children and heirs to the Amway fortune. He and his wife have made charitable donations of nearly $150 million over their adult lives.


She primarily gives to Republican candidates in the political field, which makes sense given her membership in that political party. However, she’s also given quite a bit to the cause of school choice. She has been a strong proponent of this through the charitable foundation she shares with her husband.


During her confirmation hearings for Education Secretary, it was discovered that while the Devoses contributed just over a million dollars a year to political campaigns, they were also putting out over $11 million per year to charitable causes. Even her political adversaries and those that don’t like charter schools have to admit how generous she is to helping students in need.


Betsy Devos spent a lot of her time before federal office in the state of Michigan, including running the state Republican party for a number of years. However, her time as Secretary of Education has taken her to many other states. She has noticeably visited Florida multiple times, often in support of school choice and school reform.


Then-governor Jeb Bush was an ally of hers on this front, but so too were other people you might not think a Presidential Cabinet member would be around.