Alex Pissios: A Tale of the Windy City

Chicagoan Alex Pissios with his parents
Chicagoan Alex Pissios with his parents


As the co-founder of Cinespace Chicago Film Studios, Alex Pissios has been giving back to the Chicago area for many years. In a recent article on the Omega Underground website, it’s reported that the well-known producer is currently producing two movies in the Windy City.

Although Alex Pissios sold the Cinespace business in November 2021, he is actually filming there now, due to an agreement reached with the new owners.

Little League Drama

One of the films that Mr. Pissios is producing is a documentary named “One Golden Summer.” This film centers around a Little League baseball team from Chicago that achieved great success in the 2014 Little League World Series.

After being publicly recognized for their efforts, the team from the Jackie Robinson West Little League was accused of recruitment violations. The Little League organization removed the team’s winning title, and the team’s community status changed from heroes to accused cheaters.

With a planned release date of 2023, One Golden Summer takes a look at the present-day lives of the former Little League team members.

Futuristic Suspense

Alex Pissios is also the executive producer of a science fiction film named “Wizdom” that’s now in production at Cinespace’s CineCity facility. In this futuristic film, two thieves are trying to steal the materials needed to develop a drug that allows users to see the future.

Community Involvement and Possible Expansion

The Omega Underground article mentions how the community-minded Pissios is very involved with the charitable organizations he developed through the years.

With his Greek heritage, Alex Pissios has always been fond of the country of Greece. In an effort to attract new investment studios, Greece announced in 2021 that these businesses would receive several attractive tax and administrative benefits.

Because of the incentives that are being provided, the article says, Alex Pissios is at least giving some thought to establishing a business presence in Greece.