Betsy Devos Believes in Something

Betsy Devos served for a time as the Secretary of Education during the Trump administration. She drew both praise and criticism for her actions and beliefs while serving in this role, but that is nothing new to her.   She, and her husband Dick, have been getting attention and critiques for their political donations for many years. However, the money […]

Voice Actor Mark Hauser Professional Interview

Mark Hauser is an entrepreneur and actor. He began his acting career in the ’90s and is still going strong today. His work ethic is an inspiration to other entrepreneurs. Mark Hauser was born in Michigan but currently resides in Montreal, Canada. He became interested in acting after watching other actors. Mark wanted the opportunity to play characters that captivate […]

Why Randal Nardone is a great leader

The finance department has grown significantly in recent years. For years, professionals in this section have worked with so much dedication to improve the lives of people and at the same time make sure that the top-notch services. Out of all of the executives making changes in the finance section, Randal Nardone tops the list. The professional has been working […]