Dean Omar Branham Shirley is a top-tier law firm

Dean Branham Shirley has a long history of providing quality legal services to its clients. The firm was founded in 1881 and is located in Shirley, New Hampshire. Dean Branham Shirley is a full-service law firm that offers a wide range of legal services, including civil, criminal, family, real estate, and business law. The Dean Branham Shirley team is dedicated […]

The Major Contributions of Alejandro Betancourt to Hawkers Company

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez serves as the president of one of Spain’s largest sunglasses companies. The company known as Hawkers was recognized among the top 10 startup companies in 2018 when Alejandro Betancourt Lopez increased his investment in Hawkers by $21.7 million. It made him become the biggest shareholder. Hawkers were not doing well at its initial stage as it faced […]

Philip Belamant Highlights The Importance of Disruption in FinTech

Philip Belamant is the founder and CEO of Zilch, a mobile payments business headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. Philip Belamant was a computer engineer and software developer before becoming a serial entrepreneur at 22. Belamant built and sold multiple mobile software-as-a-service products before founding Zilch in 2015. The company provides a mobile payments solution for small businesses, focusing on independent retailers. […]

Hughes Marino’s Detailed Overview

Hughes Marino ranks among the best commercial property management establishments. The firm represents entrepreneurs, decision-makers, and managers. Hughes Marino represents buyers and tenants and not landlords or owners; thereby eliminating hidden ideas, conflict of interest as well as outcomes management.   This, something that other commercial property organizations grapple with. Apart from the two forms of representation, Hughes Marino offers […]

Andrew Brooks speaks on secrets to success.

The retail sector in the US is developing as retailers launch new products every day, intending to satisfy customers in different markets. They employ different communication strategies in order to stay in touch with their customers as they reach out to potential customers. Annually, NRF comes up with a report of the newest organization trends at the NYC conference. Through […]

Yubo App Team Constantly Works To Support Its Diverse Community of Users

According to Yubo, along with each generation, there comes a change in consumer demands. The baby boomers favor services and products that offer the most outstanding value. Millennials seek out accessibility and affordability. As Gen Z ages, they are the largest group of consumers. Globally, businesses are experiencing an insistent demand, not often witnessed before, to support social change. This […]

Yubo Creates a Judgement Free Platform

Social media platforms have come under fire over the past few years for their inability to adequately protect users from content they do not want to see. Incidents can range from being tagged in inappropriate content to advertisers pushing products simply because someone in their friend group may have looked at it. Of course, does not exclude the malicious attacks […]

How Bobby Kotick Built Activision Blizzard

Activision Blizzard is a global leader in online and mobile gaming. The company combines its expertise in gaming and media with a passion for partners to grow gaming as a social and mobile platform. The company operates two primary businesses: Activision Blizzard Media Networks and Activision Blizzard Publishing, which will be discussed below. In addition to its two main operating […]

InfraBuild’s CEO Vik Bansal’s Insights on Leadership

Today, leadership is complicated because the novel COVID-19 crisis has disputed norms in every concern. Therefore, it is important to confront leaders for more inspiration, safety, and direction. Leaders enable people to relate comprehend, and even refine their purpose. People can align their thoughts and demystify their reasons for the things they do. An excellent leader helps others to grow, […]

Alex Pissios: A Tale of the Windy City

   As the co-founder of Cinespace Chicago Film Studios, Alex Pissios has been giving back to the Chicago area for many years. In a recent article on the Omega Underground website, it’s reported that the well-known producer is currently producing two movies in the Windy City. Although Alex Pissios sold the Cinespace business in November 2021, he is actually filming […]