Protecting Prison Staff with Securus Technologies Monitoring System

I am part of a team of corrections officers that works in a very dangerous prison. The inmates currently outnumber the guards 4:1, and if you add drugs and weapons into that mix, you go from a bad situation to a deadly one. Each day we work tirelessly to keep the peace and try to limit the flow of any contraband into our facility.


The first thing that my team of officers will do is to set up a strong presence inside the visitor center. This is where weapons and drugs of all sorts pass hands, so we utilize scanning equipment, body searches, and x-ray devices to slow down that flow. Even when we have the entire room covered, these inmates have developed come crafty ways to get hold of the things they want.


Next, we take the police dogs through each cell and we check for weapons, drugs, and anything that can be used to make a weapon. Many times we will uncover items the inmates have hidden into their room right after a visit from a guest.


Finally, we make use of the Securus Technologies call monitoring system to listen to what those inmates are saying when they use the phones. The new LBS software is able to alert us if specific chatter is being used, and we can quickly try to get to the location and eliminate the threat. Securus Technologies is headed by Richard Smith, in 2,500 jails, and is the leader in making our world safer.


When we are monitoring the inmate calls, we pick up on things like where they are hiding the drugs, how they are in receipt of weapons, and who is bringing those items to the prison. This year we have taken numerous weapons and drugs out of the prison thanks to the efforts of Securus Technologies.


David McDonald And OSI Group Bring Protein To The Top Of The Food Chain

The President and COO of the OSI Group presently is David McDonald. David was a chairman for the North American Meat Institute in the past and recently started to sit on the board of directors. He is an independent director for Marfrig Global Foods source and he has a degree in the Animal Science background.

When it comes to the food industry, companies from around the world hold branches in different companies. For instance, China, Europe and the United States have restaurants in common. There are government regulations that oversee the food and what goes into the food. By regulating the different companies, the way that the food company is ran can be affected. For instance, one thing that people are affected by when it comes to selling food products is how a person and their taste buds like something or dislike something.


David McDonald OSI Group states that with holding positions from around the globe and working with people in a number of organizations which allows for them to have the scale size models they want however still allowing for management to be handled locally. By holding management positions locally, the ability to modify and create things that people in the area like and this allows for a company to be sensitive to the locals.

OSI Group is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. They are the global leader to the supply and value line of protein items like sausage links and even beef patties. The OSI group will supply places with sandwiches to pizza. It is a leader in the food service industry. Through the use of the privately held corporation, there are over 50 facilities throughout 17 countries all providing employment to their global business.

Led by David McDonald President and CEO OSI began in China more than 20 years ago and in that time frame, the economy of the country has grown incredibly. In this time frame, OSI has opened 8 factories and 2 new ones are underway. Currently they are the largest producer of poultry in the nation.

Just last September, OSI Group began to build a new plant that will assist in the processing of meat further within the Henan province. In this very same month, they made an announcement about joining forces with Zhoukou of the DOYOO Group.

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U.S. Money Reserve Broadcasts A Direct Response Television Show in the Wake of Gold Summit

Money Reserve, the leading precious metal trader, launched a unique direct response television program called “2016 Gold Summit” with Larry King as the moderator. The largest gold, silver, and platinum distributor broadcasted the show from the venue of 2016 Gold Summit that took place in Los Angeles.

Considering its prominence in the precious metal industry and the need for educating people about the investments in metals, U.S. Money Reserve brought an active panel of experts for the show. The 28-minute show started with the address of Michael Reagan, son of former U.S. President Ronald Reagan. Michael explained his father’s dream of Americans passionately owning gold and emphasized the importance of precious metals in wealth.

It was followed by a segment by U.S. Money Reserve panelists which included the President of the firm, Philip Diehl; former VP of sales, Brad Castillo; and Chief Numismatist, John Rothans. The trio explained the advantages of U.S. government issued gold, fluctuating markets, volatile currency rate, and major events across the world that impacted the price of gold.

The CEO of U.S. Money Reserve, Angela Koch confirmed the achievement at the summit as an example of talent and hard work of its dedicated production team. “We are jubilant that we could feature Larry King as the show moderator, and our panelists could effectively translate an overall picture about the precious metal industry.

Also, our close relationship with Reagan, brought him to the stage along with King, and we could see both the legends sharing the space for the unique program,” said Koch.

PR Newswire revealed that US Money Reserve is founded in the year 2001, to supply U.S. government-issued bullion, and currently, it is largest distributors of Federal government silver, gold, and platinum products. The firm is also selling the bullion issued by other governments and governmental agencies around the world.

The company has quickly grown in the market with top-notch customer service, excellent choice of precious metals, and qualified research and assistance, and it has more than 400,000 highly satisfied customers till the date. It gives importance to customer priority, and the firm redesigned its website recently to help the customers with better educational tools and to provide a greater online purchase experience.

U.S. Money Reserve is researching ways to provide diverse investment options based on precious metals. One such option is IRA program in gold and silver for people who wanted retirement savings. The firm offers a 30-days guaranteed return policy for the buyers to return the product within 30 days of purchase for full refund.

Fabletics Exploits Reverse Showroom Technique to Market Sports Apparel

Branding is an essential tool in acquiring a competitive market niche especially in globalized and marked stiff industries like the fashion industry. For established and well-positioned brands in the market, there is always a huge market share compared to new brands. In the fashion industry, most consumers purchase brands they can identify with. These brands are tailored to suit their needs. They have a unique touch customized to fit their personal lifestyles, culture, and tastes. These features make it difficult for new brands to penetrate the market. This is because there are existing brands in the industry.


It, therefore, calls for solid strategy implemented to introduce new brands in the fashion industry. Such strategies must be modern and developed for the brands to gain a relatively higher market share. The idea is to create demand instead of competing with the existing brands in the industry. The core strategy is based on creativity as well as innovativeness. These key elements limit the opportunities for duplication by other fashion industries. That is why A Foodie Stays Fit has many good reviews about Fabletics.

Online Shopping

Since 2013, Kate Hudson has used advanced strategies to establish an online platform for selling this fashion line. Fabletics is a booming online business. It was founded in July 2013. The primary aim of creating this line was to provide comfortable, unique sports apparel for women. Just like A Foodie Stays Fit explains, Fabletics has managed to gain a competitive market advantage through this strategy. The firm has been in business for a short period. Within that time limit, its worth is estimated to be more than $ 250 million. This is because of the reverse showroom technique. The technique offers a variety of styles. From simple tank tops to stylish, comfortable bottoms, Fabletics offers unique fashion with solid colors.

Reverse Showroom

For Fabletics, every woman should find their style in the showroom. The idea behind reversed showroom is providing clients with what suits their preference. Depending on what customers browse the most, Fabletics offers the brand in the physical stores. This is why Fabletics has vastly grown since the year it was founded. From cutouts on the back to meshed materials, Fabletics has invested in manufacturing an unexpected design through sheers and capris. Considering what clients get for approximately $ 50, the company offers a fair deal. The leggings have a rival, expensive brand. The price of the competitor brand adds up to $ 80. The tank tops from the competitor brands would add up to $ 50. This is higher by $ 20. Fabletics offers affordable, unique sports apparel for healthy lifestyles.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

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Vijay Eswaran – Prolific Writer and Entrepreneur

Mr Vijay Eswaran is an accomplished businessman, entrepreneur, and a prolific writer. He has dedicated himself to motivational speaking and philanthropy as well.

Mr Vijay Eswaran currently serves as an executive chairman of the company he founded in collaboration – QI Group. Mr Vijay Eswaran was born in the town of Penang in Malaysia. He studied abroad and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in socio – economics from the London School of Economics.

After that, Mr Vijay Eswaran moved to the United States of America where he lived for a few years while he was attending the Southern Illinois University from which he earned his master’s degree. He began learning more about multilevel advertising which later made him very successful. After he completed his educated in the U. S. Mr Vijay Eswaran travelled back to his country of Malaysia. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

In 1998, Mr Vijay Eswaran decided it was time to establish his own company. He ended up being a collaborative founder of QI Group. The other collaborative founder of the company is Mr Joseph Bismark. QI Group was headquartered in Hong Kong.

The company works in the industry od direct selling. The areas that QI Group is involved with are quite various – leisure and luxury, lifestyle and health, telecommunications and technology, logistics and management, training and education, and so on.

Mr Vijay Eswaran has dedicated himself to writing as well. He is an author of several published books that have been translated into a number of languages and are available in many countries. Read more about Vijay: Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran Speaks At World Economic Forum 2016

He has written several works about personal wellbeing in terms of productivity and finding one’s self. Some the titles that Mr Vijay Eswaran has written and published over the years include – In the Sphere of Silence and On the Wings of Thought. Those two books are his most famous work.

Philanthropy work is also a part of the life of Mr Vijay Eswaran. He founded a charity foundation called RHYTHM. That stand for Raise Yourself to Help Mankind. Mr Vijay Eswaran also established a foundation that is named after his dad – The Vijayaratnam Foundation.

Waiakea Hawaiian Water Reveals Enticing #FollowYourFlow Social Media Contest to Wanderlust Oahu

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water has announced an enticing offer to visit the serene paradise city of Hawaii. Lucky social media followers get the opportunity to indulge themselves in the splendor of Hawaii for a lifetime experience at the Wanderlust Yoga Festival, through the company’s #FollowYourFlow contest.

The competition winner will enjoy a free return flight ticket worth $1,000 to Oahu, courtesy of Skyscanner. The contest was inspired through Waiakea’s dedication to providing a healthy balanced lifestyle with the local natural mineral-rich volcanic Hawaiian water.

The Wanderlust Yoga Festival was scheduled to begin on February 23rd – 26th 2017 and will feature a collaboration of excellent yoga coaches, meditation, outdoor excursions, live music, and traditional and local cuisines.

“I am flattered to team up with Skyscanner and Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water for #FollowYourFlow,” famous yogi and social media enthusiast Kameron Waters said. “Personally, ‘flow’ is a timeless and natural state of being- total assimilation and optimal performance, also known as ‘the zone.’ The connection between Waiakea and the yoga community embodies that flow, and I’m thrilled to be a stakeholder.”

Waiakea Water and Skyscanner followers can compete by only submitting their email, name, and date of birth on the contest web page. #FollowYourFlow runs from January 31, with the lucky winner declared on February 1.

About Waiakea Water

According to PR Newswire, Waiakea water springs forth from the volcanic Island of Mauna Loa. With a mixture of rain and snowmelt, the Volcanic Water goes through a filtering process from the high permeable volcanic rocks. The volcanoes produce pure, sparkling, natural, alkaline and healthy drinking water in Hawaii. Approximately 5 % of Waiakea’s income goes to the local community nonprofit programs including INPEACE, The Kama’aha Initiative, and Kupu.

The fund drives aim to promote education and environmental responsibilities to the locals and international developing countries like Malawi. Furthermore, for each liter of water bought, Waiakea supplies free clean water, through its initiative in partnership with Pump Aid.

Waiakea is the first premium certified Carbon Neutral® bottled Water Company in the US. It is a tremendous achievement for the bottled water company and is particularly proud of the longstanding Hawaiian tradition of ‘malama I ka ‘a¯ina’ (to care and protect the land).

Waiakea water is also renowned for its sustenance charitable initiatives of improving lives through the provision of fresh water to the poor around the world. Waiakea is notable for the use of RPET safe drinking water bottles that utilize low emission distribution and its active participation in local reforestation.

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Anthony Petrello’s Role At Nabors

Anthony Petrello is an active member of the Nabors leadership team. He is currently the Deputy Chairman, President, Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board, and Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board. His active role in Nabors shapes the way Nabors runs and operates. Nabors in the owner and the operating of a land-based drilling rig fleet, which happens to be the biggest one in the world. Nabors is a supplier of drilling tools and technologies. The create and provide catwalks, wrenches, draw works, as well as other drilling equipment that meet any offshore or onshore drilling needs.

As a member of the leadership team, Anthony Petrello creates strategic and creative plans and solutions for the company to adapt and thrive against changes in the market and amongst competitors. Before he joined the Nabors team, Anthony Petrello had an extensive work background that prepared him for his roles at Nabors. For years he practiced at the law firm Baker and Mckenzie where he centered his focus on corporate law, international arbitration, as well as taxation. While working there Anthony Petrello managed to climb the ladder to Managing Partner, where he stayed until he resigned.


To prepare him for his full and impressive career he received degrees from some of the world’s most prestigious schools. He received his Juris Doctor degree from Harvard University and a M.S degree in Mathematics from Yale University. With these degrees in hand, he was able to build up the experience that would allow for him to successfully take his role at Nabors.

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