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Dick DeVos is headed to Washington. His latest appointment to the Federal Aviation Administration Management Advisory Council is a new move to bring more aviation leaders into civilian panels. DeVos has been a strong business leader in the state of Michigan and even ran for Governor.


As heirs to considerable family fortunes, Dick and Betsy DeVos has spent most of their lives in the political arena. DeVos also has considerable business leadership experience under his belt. He served as the CEO of Amway for many years. DeVos has also helped engineer a 2012 law that changed Michigan to a right-to-work state.


Dick DeVos has been involved in business development in Grand Rapids and Michigan for many years. In 1991, he worked with business leaders to create better economic opportunities for the city. He started Grand Action to bring all the businesses together and also helped block plans to built a large sports complex outside of downtown. At the time, DeVos saw the plans were for a complex outside of downtown. He wanted to bring businesses to the center of Grand Rapids and ensure the economic development of the city was secure.


In addition, he worked with aviation leaders like the CEO of Air Tran Airways and the CEO of Southwest. He helped bring new terminals and destinations to the Gerald R. Ford airport including St. Louis, Denver, and Orlando. Education reform has even touched the aviation industry in Grand Rapids, as the DeVos family has helped to co-found the Westchester Aviation Academy.


Dick DeVos continues to make strides in aviation by keeping business at the airport and putting together a $45 million makeover for the Gerald R. Ford Airport. In addition, the Devos’ made a donation of $12.5 million toward the 2006 construction of a new children’s hospital. This was named after Helen DeVos, who was Dick’s mother.


Dick DeVos has shifted his focus to aviation in recent years as the president of Windquest Group. As an avid pilot and aviation hobbyist, DeVos will be one of the more informed leaders on the Management Advisory Council. He joins his wife Betsy DeVos who has been working in education to reform laws for charter schools. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation has also given over $135 million to different leadership programs, including ones for arts and culture, health services, churches, and policy changes that were centered on education reform and scholarships to bring kids to private schools.


Education reform has always been a big initiative for the DeVos family. Their advocacy and philanthropy continues to follow the same track. The family has made significant strides to change policies throughout the US with Betsy DeVos leading as Secretary of Education.


Now that DeVos is on the FAA’s Management Council, he will become another powerful pillar in aviation and help business leaders get behind new changes to the aviation industry Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/dick-devos

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