DACAs Beneficiaries Hope is restored after the Frontera Fund Intervention


We have heard of philanthropists and activists. Many time the two teams collide a lot with the authorities. This is because they fight to protect the citizens from being punished by the authorities using the law without considering other factors. The humanitarians do not protect every convict who is charged guilty by the law but protects the people that they feel may have committed a certain crime due to some circumstances. Philanthropists also safeguard the rights of the minority and secluded groups of the community. The law is necessary and maintains order in all states, but sometimes it is subjective and may lead to innocent people suffering and the guilty getting away with it.

DACA organization is a group that was started to fight for the immigrants’ rights. This is because some of the immigrants that the government order to be deported, are technically the citizens of the state. The organization ensures that the members are added two more years to stay in the country. The membership is also renewed if they feel that they never achieved the goal they wanted. By the end of the two years, some of the beneficiaries can have attained the legal documents to stay in the country. Other children can complete their education with the help of the scheme.

Lately, the institution has been struggling after the allegations by the Texas Attorney General that the firm has no full documents to allow its existence. The Attorney General, supported by, nine, other officials have ordered the Trump government to close down the company. As a result, the institution is not allowed to sign in new members or renew memberships. Although the closure of the firm is gradual, it has still affected its beneficiaries.

The Arizona residents, being the first and majority recipients of the good work, are very angry with the developments. They have tagged the Texas AG as selfish and unappreciative. This is because they consider the beneficiaries an asset to the state.

The members are afraid because of the whole situation. This after Kelly announced that he decided to inform the members, that things were not okay. Despite the extensive efforts to save the firm by the company, the organization was still unstable as a result of the allegations. However, there have been light at the end of the tunnel, after the Frontera fund decided to take part in restoring DACA organization, back to its feet.