Success Academy

*Success Academy: helping students build better lives:


Success Academy is a selection of New York Chartered schools. The schools affiliated with Success Academy are located in Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn as well as Queens New York.


Success Academy offers elementary school as well as high school. Presently, the school offers grades K-12. The school has a mission to build well rounded, educated students that will be fully prepared to plan a career for their future.


Admission to Success Academy is purely at random. Every April a lottery is held which will ultimately determine which students will be accepted at Success Academy for the fall semester. Over 70% of the students that attend the academy are in fact from low income families.


Success Academy are not required to operated in the same manner as a zoned school. Therefore, it gives the academy more freedom to operate in a manner in which the school seems fit. Every 5 years all chartered schools must undergo a intensive review process by the Board of Education.


Eva Moscowitz is the founder and CEO of Success Academy. The school was founded in 2006. Eva Moskowitz was looking to open a high performance school that is geared toward helping students reach their full academic potential. Ms. Moskowitz was certainly successful with her endevour.


Success Academy middle school uses college ready standards to educate their students. Each student has strengths and weaknesses therefore, the instructors will work with students to improve weaknesses and also work to help students further their strengths.


In addition to an well planned academic curriculum, the school also offers a variety of sports for students to partake in if desired. Most times becoming involved in sports can help a student grow psychologically as well as physically.


Success Academy is located on 95 Pine Street in Manhattan. School tours are not normally conducted. However, if you contact the school an interview may be granted with a trained counselor.