Richard Blair Providing Sound Investment and Wealth Solutions to Clients in Austin, Texas

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is an independent financial advisor who built a company that specializes in creating a financial game plan for his clients. In turn, Wealth Solutions offer protection over the client’s assets, a growth plan for their savings and endless advice regarding where a client’s money should be invested. Richard Blair has made this company his life’s most impressive achievement and he has worked very hard to get where he is. Concequently Blair owns several certifications including CAS (Certified Advertising Specialist) CES (Certified Export Specialist) and RICP (Retirement Income Certified Specialist). Wealth solutions functions as a Registered Investment Advisory firm (RIA). Learn more:

Blair wanted to see everyone who was willing to come to him to see a secure financial future. Throughout the years Blair has catered to clients in need of a retirement plan around the area of Austin, Texas which is where the company is based. As all successful business’s hold, Wealth solutions has its own specific system used for maximum efficiency. Using a three pillar system the company has shown the most dramatic increases in capital. Learn more:


The First Pillar

Pillar 1 is all about knowing the client. Throughout an interview process the company would get to know a client’s strengths, weaknesses, willingness or unwillingness to take financial risks and where they see themselves years down the road. Of course this is a very important step because it’s all about gathering as much data on a specific person as possible. Therefor, the more information the company can obtain from the client, the more likely they are to create a successful saving plan.

The Second Pillar

Pillar 2 involves taking the information gathered from the first pillar and creating a future plan with it. The plan that is created is custom made to the clients goals, interests, future plans, and growth opportunity. Blair takes the time to study the market to make sure that every cent of a clients money is put to good use, according to the high and low points of the market. By doing this Blair eliminates the risk of a client’s portfolio taking a hard hit when the market is enduring an inconvenient period.

The Third Pillar

Pillar 3 is simply taking action. Once Blair has gathered information on the client as well as created a plan, Richard meets every aspect of the client’s needs.

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Protecting Prison Staff with Securus Technologies Monitoring System

I am part of a team of corrections officers that works in a very dangerous prison. The inmates currently outnumber the guards 4:1, and if you add drugs and weapons into that mix, you go from a bad situation to a deadly one. Each day we work tirelessly to keep the peace and try to limit the flow of any contraband into our facility.


The first thing that my team of officers will do is to set up a strong presence inside the visitor center. This is where weapons and drugs of all sorts pass hands, so we utilize scanning equipment, body searches, and x-ray devices to slow down that flow. Even when we have the entire room covered, these inmates have developed come crafty ways to get hold of the things they want.


Next, we take the police dogs through each cell and we check for weapons, drugs, and anything that can be used to make a weapon. Many times we will uncover items the inmates have hidden into their room right after a visit from a guest.


Finally, we make use of the Securus Technologies call monitoring system to listen to what those inmates are saying when they use the phones. The new LBS software is able to alert us if specific chatter is being used, and we can quickly try to get to the location and eliminate the threat. Securus Technologies is headed by Richard Smith, in 2,500 jails, and is the leader in making our world safer.


When we are monitoring the inmate calls, we pick up on things like where they are hiding the drugs, how they are in receipt of weapons, and who is bringing those items to the prison. This year we have taken numerous weapons and drugs out of the prison thanks to the efforts of Securus Technologies.


David McDonald And OSI Group Bring Protein To The Top Of The Food Chain

The President and COO of the OSI Group presently is David McDonald. David was a chairman for the North American Meat Institute in the past and recently started to sit on the board of directors. He is an independent director for Marfrig Global Foods source and he has a degree in the Animal Science background.

When it comes to the food industry, companies from around the world hold branches in different companies. For instance, China, Europe and the United States have restaurants in common. There are government regulations that oversee the food and what goes into the food. By regulating the different companies, the way that the food company is ran can be affected. For instance, one thing that people are affected by when it comes to selling food products is how a person and their taste buds like something or dislike something.


David McDonald OSI Group states that with holding positions from around the globe and working with people in a number of organizations which allows for them to have the scale size models they want however still allowing for management to be handled locally. By holding management positions locally, the ability to modify and create things that people in the area like and this allows for a company to be sensitive to the locals.

OSI Group is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. They are the global leader to the supply and value line of protein items like sausage links and even beef patties. The OSI group will supply places with sandwiches to pizza. It is a leader in the food service industry. Through the use of the privately held corporation, there are over 50 facilities throughout 17 countries all providing employment to their global business.

Led by David McDonald President and CEO OSI began in China more than 20 years ago and in that time frame, the economy of the country has grown incredibly. In this time frame, OSI has opened 8 factories and 2 new ones are underway. Currently they are the largest producer of poultry in the nation.

Just last September, OSI Group began to build a new plant that will assist in the processing of meat further within the Henan province. In this very same month, they made an announcement about joining forces with Zhoukou of the DOYOO Group.

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