U.S. Money Reserve Broadcasts A Direct Response Television Show in the Wake of Gold Summit

Money Reserve, the leading precious metal trader, launched a unique direct response television program called “2016 Gold Summit” with Larry King as the moderator. The largest gold, silver, and platinum distributor broadcasted the show from the venue of 2016 Gold Summit that took place in Los Angeles.

Considering its prominence in the precious metal industry and the need for educating people about the investments in metals, U.S. Money Reserve brought an active panel of experts for the show. The 28-minute show started with the address of Michael Reagan, son of former U.S. President Ronald Reagan. Michael explained his father’s dream of Americans passionately owning gold and emphasized the importance of precious metals in wealth.

It was followed by a segment by U.S. Money Reserve panelists which included the President of the firm, Philip Diehl; former VP of sales, Brad Castillo; and Chief Numismatist, John Rothans. The trio explained the advantages of U.S. government issued gold, fluctuating markets, volatile currency rate, and major events across the world that impacted the price of gold.

The CEO of U.S. Money Reserve, Angela Koch confirmed the achievement at the summit as an example of talent and hard work of its dedicated production team. “We are jubilant that we could feature Larry King as the show moderator, and our panelists could effectively translate an overall picture about the precious metal industry.

Also, our close relationship with Reagan, brought him to the stage along with King, and we could see both the legends sharing the space for the unique program,” said Koch.

PR Newswire revealed that US Money Reserve is founded in the year 2001, to supply U.S. government-issued bullion, and currently, it is largest distributors of Federal government silver, gold, and platinum products.

The company has quickly grown in the market with top-notch customer service, excellent choice of precious metals, and qualified research and assistance, and it has more than 400,000 highly satisfied customers till the date. It gives importance to customer priority, and the firm redesigned its website recently to help the customers with better educational tools and to provide a greater online purchase experience.

U.S. Money Reserve is researching ways to provide diverse investment options based on precious metals. One such option is IRA program in gold and silver for people who wanted retirement savings.

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