Fabletics Exploits Reverse Showroom Technique to Market Sports Apparel

Branding is an essential tool in acquiring a competitive market niche especially in globalized and marked stiff industries like the fashion industry. For established and well-positioned brands in the market, there is always a huge market share compared to new brands. In the fashion industry, most consumers purchase brands they can identify with. These brands are tailored to suit their needs. They have a unique touch customized to fit their personal lifestyles, culture, and tastes. These features make it difficult for new brands to penetrate the market. This is because there are existing brands in the industry.


It, therefore, calls for solid strategy implemented to introduce new brands in the fashion industry. Such strategies must be modern and developed for the brands to gain a relatively higher market share. The idea is to create demand instead of competing with the existing brands in the industry. The core strategy is based on creativity as well as innovativeness. These key elements limit the opportunities for duplication by other fashion industries. That is why A Foodie Stays Fit has many good reviews about Fabletics.

Online Shopping

Since 2013, Kate Hudson has used advanced strategies to establish an online platform for selling this fashion line. Fabletics is a booming online business. It was founded in July 2013. The primary aim of creating this line was to provide comfortable, unique sports apparel for women. Just like A Foodie Stays Fit explains, Fabletics has managed to gain a competitive market advantage through this strategy. The firm has been in business for a short period. Within that time limit, its worth is estimated to be more than $ 250 million. This is because of the reverse showroom technique. The technique offers a variety of styles. From simple tank tops to stylish, comfortable bottoms, Fabletics offers unique fashion with solid colors.

Reverse Showroom

For Fabletics, every woman should find their style in the showroom. The idea behind reversed showroom is providing clients with what suits their preference. Depending on what customers browse the most, Fabletics offers the brand in the physical stores. This is why Fabletics has vastly grown since the year it was founded. From cutouts on the back to meshed materials, Fabletics has invested in manufacturing an unexpected design through sheers and capris. Considering what clients get for approximately $ 50, the company offers a fair deal. The leggings have a rival, expensive brand. The price of the competitor brand adds up to $ 80. The tank tops from the competitor brands would add up to $ 50. This is higher by $ 20. Fabletics offers affordable, unique sports apparel for healthy lifestyles.

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